An Old Dutch friend of mine once stated, It is a challenge for we as hunters to successfully hook and land a fish, and it is equally as challenging for the fish to spit the hook and break free of the hooker……

This is why I call myself; “THE ECCENTRIC HOOKER”…You see, I think outside the square and hence explore strange an nutty ways in catching fish…..I remember many yeats ago when venturing out to some wild untamed part of the Snowy Mountains, and my lack of organisation let me down somewhat.

Preperations we’re made: adequate clothing and supplies were catered for, Too many in fact, and travelling lighter would have made the trek much more enjoyable. Anyway, DOONKOPF here forgot to Pack  the hooks didn’t he?….I  had my little telescopic collapsible rod, light sinkers,but no hooks……Determination set in,so I proceeded to carve out some hooks from hard twigs, bore a hole into the upper stem of the twig with the ultra sharp point of my pocket knife, finish the bush hook masterpiece of by sharpening other side of twig down to a taper point…Sharp yet effective….Placed the worm on, cast line into the river and lost my tackle on a snag..

i ventured along the riverbank further upstream where the water was clearer and less overgrowth and undergrowth evident..Couldn’t believe my eyes to have stumbled across a piece of old rusty barbed wire. Possibly remains of early settlement, as all that remained in the area was an old broken down chimney, and rusty tins blanketing what remained of vintage ploughs and farm relics…

i decided to get a campfire set up before it got dark. Prepared lots of dry wood to see me through for the evening.. That night, I decided to sharpen up the points of the barbed wire, scrape away surface rust, tempered the barbed wire over the red hot coals, and quenched in water… lightly finished of with my pocket knife, and presto, one hook for the fish…… First cast in the morning landed me a nice sized rainbow.

Are you hooked by this story.?… I know the fish was…..

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