When it comes to Angling Techniques, it merits attention to keep a few points mentally filed away. These include the following:

The type of bait the fish prefer during times and seasons. 2/ The depth at which the fish feed 3/ Weather Conditions. 4/ Tide Times.

Now that we have considered a few important factors, let us consider Times and Seasons…Certain times of the year will bring on certain species at any given point in time. One species of fish that comes to mind is Snapper.. This 5 Star fish start to appear in numbers from October onwards here on the NSW Coast, hence the need for the appropriate type of bait. It all comes down to what the Snapper prefer, however my favourite has always been fresh squid…. Live Bait is even better.,.Try live baitfish, live pilchards, slimy mackerel.. vary the baits to make it challenging and exciting not just for the Snapper, but for you as well!!..

Kingfish is another prize fish for the taking….Its a case of hit and miss with these monsters.. I have found they prefer pilchards, but that’s my observation and experience with these fish…They can commonly be found around rocky outcrops in deepwater,although care needs to be excercised when boating near rocks as hazards prevail…. So never keep your eyes of Ocean Conditions….

Jewfish I classify as a 10 Star fish.. This species is the favourite on my bucket list,is very elusive and hard to catch…. Keep a watchful eye on tide times. Jewfish normally bite and feed right on the turn of the tide.Jewfish prefer live bait,and can be caught using 4.0 Circle hooks arranged in a gang style pattern….Don’t be too feisty on the initial hookup or you may lose this prized trophy fish….

Just a few pointers to hopefully increase your catch rate…Be sure to stay legal, and Happy Hooking!!!….. From Big Al, …”The Eccentric Hooker”……

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