Angling for trout can be frustrating if  ill prepared, but it doesn’t have to be…With a little forethought and proper planning our chances of catching fish are dramatically improved.

To begin with hooks must be very sharp and absent from signs of rust or corrosion… Sharpening your own hooks can be time consuming, and for the cost involved/purchase price of new hooks, it makes good sense to buy.

lines should be new, light, and of superior quality…Sinkers should also be light and preferably round or ball type as less likely to snag easily.

Reels should be fully operational with smooth bale arm functionality….Spools should also be free spinners with optimum drag capability.

Use the best rod you can afford as a broken rod can spoil a great days fishing.

Keeping these helpful hints in mind can markedly improve your success rate…

HAPPY FISHING; from Al………..

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